Kumar Vishwas’s CM Gehlot But taunted, said – five MLAs together When he goes to the bathroom, Gehlot is out. Let’s take a chair, the echo of comments Reached the political circles of Rajasthan

Kumar Vishwas on the political upheaval of Rajasthan When 5 MLAs go to the bathroom together, Gehlot has to put a chair outside. And poet Kumar Vishwas, famous for his impeccable style, had become in every discussion by commenting on the last political upheaval in Rajasthan and once again during the cultural festival in Nagpur, Kumar Vishwas took a dig at the Union Home Minister on the political crisis of Rajasthan Gehlot. He was described as a good man and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari was also present as the chief guest. Later, during the poetry recitation, Kumar Vishwas said that the Congress government is one in Chhattisgarh and one in Rajasthan and one in Madhya Pradesh and these BJP people have the right. It is not coming that he said that he has made living like this hell, that poor Ashok Gehlot is such a good man that he has done the condition




If BJP’s five MLAs go to the bathroom together, then Gehlot sahib puts a chair outside the bathroom. Let me tell you that there is no way here, give opportunity to his son to cry, I am with the political underprivileged in a democracy, some time ago, the Gehlot government made Kumar Vishwas’s wife a member of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission, Kumar Vishwas joined the Congress. Kanhaiya Kumar, the former president of JNU student who stopped, also took a jibe at Kanhaiya Kumar and said that before Amit Shah became the Home Minister, people in Delhi used to demand independence but now no one is speaking because they know that Azadi got home delivery. May be Vishwas often keeps sarcasm politics in poets’ conferences


Kumar Vishwas’s taunting story on Gehlot, then the date’s bid, if 5 MLAs go to the bathroom together, Gehlot takes a chair outside, cut gestures on the captives about the MLAs, after taunting your leaders, famous stage poet Kumar Vishwas of Nagpur The echo of the comments made during the Khasdar Cultural Festival has reached the political circles of Rajasthan. During the poetry recitation in Nagpur, Chief Minister Gehlot was told that he has been made a member of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission in Raj itself. The government came in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan, these BJP people are not being tolerated.


There is a lot of discussion in the political corridors of Rajasthan, the comment made on Gehlot has become important on the remark of Vishwas. Kumar Vishwas also raised questions, while addressing the political drama Pandit in Gadkari to topple the BJP government in Rajasthan, Kumar Vishwas said that you want to take it, we say that Kumar Vishwas has contested against Rahul Gandhi in Amethi regarding the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Had fought, had made political rhetoric against Rahul Gandhi, the Gehlot government had made his wife a member of the RPSC, that in some circles of Congress, there were anti-voice voices, although the matter did not catch on.

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