Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod demanded the Governor to give office of profit to 11 MLAs in violation of constitutional provisions, Minister Mahesh Joshi said Rathore should remain

Minister Mahesh Joshi said that Rajendra Rathod remained with him, but Dr. Chandrabhan asked in what capacity he writes that there has been a dispute with the deputy leader of the opposition over political appointments, in such a situation, let us tell you that where there is a  and the number of leaders in the Congress government. Appointment has been made, BJP’s Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod has written a letter to the Governor on being made the chairman in the Board Corporation Commission.




In which Cabinet Minister Dr. Mahesh Joshi retaliated and said that leaders should keep facts-based things, people lose their support by talking nonsense. If it comes under the purview of profit, the government will see it, but it will not come under the purview of Rajendra Rathore or the Office of Profit. The government has not yet given the status of a minister to anyone. had resigned from the Lok Sabha and nobody knows better than the Congress to respect the Constitution.




Dr Chandrabhan said in what capacity does Rathod write on political appointments, where in the midst of a rift in the rift, former State Congress President Dr Chandrabhan took a dig at Rajendra Rathod and said that Rathod is in the opposition party, he should write a letter He questioned that in which post is Rajendra Rathod himself, whether the post of Deputy Leader of Opposition is in the rules and order of the assembly, in what capacity does he write Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Chandrabhan said that the meeting that was held at the Chief Minister’s residence on Friday, the Chief Minister made it clear. That the MLAs will not be given minister status, after that there is no talk of protest.




Opposition Rajendra Rathod has demanded from the Governor that giving office of profit to 11 MLAs is a violation of the constitutional provision, instruct the Chief Minister to stop them, not to issue the order of appointment of the MLAs to the Board, Corporation and the post of Chairman in the Commission and inform the Governor Not giving has also been said to be a violation of constitutional provisions.

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